“Any society based on domination supports and condones violence.

bell hooks


We will be having a naming contest for our bunnies in the fall, please check back for updates! To see more of Arcade’s art work click here!


We provide a safe and supportive space to build an anti-oppression community through sharing, learning, and teaching. We value all experiences and offer the resources necessary to advocate for yourself and others.

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About Us

As a centre we are committed to constantly re-accessing and adapting in order to better host an anti oppressive space. In order to do this we commit to consistent framework of evaluating our practices. We welcome critical feedback so that we may better practice being an intersectional feminist, queer positive, trans positive, decolonizing, anti-racist space. It is vital that the community recognize it as such and feel welcome.

Art of resistance

We use arts and creative projects to create discourse around important social justice issues such as racism, misogyny, reproductive rights, homophobia, transphobia, police brutality, and more.

Check out our blog for recent projects or come into the centre to discover and volunteer for current or future projects.

What’s new


Daphne Shaed

Daphne Shaed has been involved with the collective since 2012 and has been a dedicated volunteer. Daphne has been elected as a coordinator, and has served as our board representative, on the UVic Equity and Humans Rights educational reform committee, and on several other committees at UVic. Daphne has a degree in Sociology and is currently working on a double major in Computer Science and Linguistics.

Michelle Brown

Michelle Brown has been involved with the collective since 2014. Michelle is a dedicated volunteer. Some of the highlights of Michelle’s work is the Art of Resistance wall to address racism that her and Daphne Shaed launched in 2017. Michelle has proven to be a vital member of our collective.

Tessa Devakos

Tessa Devakos is simply amazing! She has been volunteering with the collective since 2014. Tessa has represented our collective and is well spoken advocate. We value Tessa’s work and thankful for her dedication to the collective.


On-Campus Resources

The Third Space Women’s Centre offers a variety of resources in the centre. If you require something and do not see it here please email a request or come by and let us know. We do the best to meet the needs of the community.

Currently available:

  • menstrual supplies
  • menstrual cups
  • external condoms
  • internal condoms
  • gloves
  • finger gloves
  • dental dams
  • pregnancy tests
  • bus tickets
  • free printing
  • coffee tea
  • and more!





3800 Finnerty Road

Lekwungen/W̱SÁNEĆ territories


Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday

9:00AM to 9:00PM




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Arcade Test designed our bunnies. You can find more of Arcade’s art work here!

Social Justice Wall!