Meeting Minutes 2015/10/02

Hello Collective,

Here are the meeting minutes from today’s meeting. Have a great weekend. Our next meeting will be on October 16th at 3pm in the Women’s Centre. 

Meeting Minutes




Territory Acknowledgement: Daphne Shaed


Introductions: Daphne, Cage, Kay, Katie, Eliana, Anna




-Mural workshop planning (Kay Gallivan):Kay provided some updates about the mural painting workshop. We were thinking of getting Spencer Keeton from Seattle but have since decided that we would prefer to find women, gender queer, or non-binary person(s) to provide the workshop. The collective decided Kay, Nicole, and Marsella, will facilitate and we will approach Audey Murray about the concept of the mural. Morning Coup is possible, also Claire and Pascale. 

-Sewing workshop planning (Daphne Shaed): Buttons and Bows fabric shop was suggested as a retail outlet. Daphne asked for $500.00 and it was APPROVED.

-Board Rep report (Anna Lusk): Anna gave several updates about recent UVSS board meetings. Anna asked to attend the SUB occupants meeting. 

-Red Umbrella Rally (Kay): Discussed the finances of the event. Also having the Winterfest Party as a PEERS fundraiser with half the proceeds from the bike raffle going to PEERS. We also need volunteers. Daphne is looking into Odd Fellows Hall for a space. APPROVED.

Kay and Daphne asked for permission to find space for the party. APPROVED.

-CFUV Women’s Radio Collective (Kay): Daphne will ask Advocacy Council for $2000.00 to help fund more hours for the Women’s Radio Collective coordinator position. 

-Party planning (Kay and Daphne):
Updates about the Mystery Party happening in late October.

Winterfest: Girl’s Rock Camp, other bands, Cheesecake Burlesque. 

-Workstudy positions (Daphne): Anna Lusk is the new Thirdspace Zine Editor. We are accepting applications for the remaining 100 hours in the Thridspace Zine Editor jobshare.

We are still seeking applications for the Women’s Project Coordinator. 

-Update on apology to Andrina (Daphne Shaed): At the previous meeting the collective discussed and approved an apology letter be written to the former Finance and Administration Coordinator Andrina. Daphne wrote a heartfelt apology card from the collective to Adrina and it was delivered today.

-Nurses Letter (Kay): Kay will write a letter to address the sub-par free access gym facilities on campus.  

-Equity and Human Rights Representative (Daphne): Daphne is APPROVED a the new representative to Educational committee and Kluane has expressed interest and was APPROVED to the employment committee.

-Visioning for the upcoming year (Collective): Reaching out to outside organizations. Supporting social justice in the wider community. More social gatherings. More political action. Rebuild relationship with the local indigenous community. Increasing awareness of the resources and supplies we have at the Women’s Centre.

-Women’s Centre Name Change (Daphne): The collective APPROVES moving forward with the Women’s Centre name change to “Gender Resource Outreach Centre” (G.R.O.C.).

-Blankets and Lamps (Eliana): First motion for up to $150.00 for blankets and pillows. APPROVED. Second motion for up to $150.00 for lamps. APPROVED.