Meeting Minutes 2015/10/30

Note: Between this collective meeting and the last collective meeting, the collective had another meeting in which we decided not to proceed with changing our name to the Gender Resource and Outreach Centre. Instead we are holding a year-long consultation to research opinions on the name change before proceeding.

Women’s Centre Collective Meeting Minutes

October 31, 2015, 3pm -5pm

Members present: Anna, Kay, Mila, Jas, Emily, Daphne

Acknowledgement of Territory


Personal Introductions

Third Space Update

  • Advertising is going well, planning a poster and other promotions as soon as theme is approved
  • Collective approved a theme = intersectionality
  • Advertising and distributing and search for submissions will happen on campus and in wider community
  • Board meeting update- talked about consequences of proposed Bill 41 to allow people to opt out of 50$ university fee.


Red Umbrella March Update

  • Kay needs to pay for Norway House
  • Trying to book performers, looking for dance music with diverse representation, possibility of booking Hag Face from Calgary
  • Meeting with PEERs soon for more information



Women’s Centre name change consultation update

  • Received letter from SOCC
  • Concluded that there is still a lot of confusion around name change and there is a need to have discussions face to face,
  • Discussed the importance of expressing to others that the current centre policies do not reflect the current name
  • Kay proposed that the collective discuss thoughts around having masculine bodies in the space
  • Daphne and Mila will work to produce a Survey and FAQ and organize 1 in person consultation
  • Survey will be taken online and through tables around campus
  • Goal is to be specific with the groups we consult with and allow for any and all types of responses

Mural Workshop Update

  • Painting was a success!
  • Karaeoke event – some attendees were offended by lyrics to one of the songs. Kay turned off music and apologized and this seemed to be enough. Decided that further action is not necessary
  • Women In Need (WIN) wants their walls painted, Kay proposes mural workshop for Spring/Summer 2016 with $1500 budget