Meeting December 12 2015

Meeting Minutes: 2015 12 11

Attendees: Leat, Kay, Kat, Anna L, Ellen, Smyrna, Daphne

Territory Acknowledgement: Anna L

  1. Board rep honorarium?
  2. Conference funding request
    3. RUM update
    4. CFUV WRC
  3. Holiday party
  4. Anna L is proposing $30/meeting honorarium for the board rep. It is a difficult task and very time-consuming (1-4 hours)

Discussion round:
-We have a budget for it
-It would incentivize
-It’s a hassle…late at night
-If we do an honorarium, it isn’t policy, it is a “try out”
-What happens if a meeting is missed/leaving early happens?
–Anna is accountable for owning up to that

Motion: the UVSS Women’s Centre rep gets $30 for every full meeting attended. No attendance means no honorarium. A partial meeting should be discussed by the collective. The UVSS Women’s Centre will also advocate for advocacy representatives being paid by the UVSS board in the future.

Motion approved

2. Kat is a sessional instructor in German Studies. She falls through the cracks for funding requirements for her department. She wants to bring a German feminist author who is currently on a book tour and is a big social media personality in Germany. Kat’s interest is to understand why German feminism is big in social media right now. How did her twitter campaign get so popular?

Kat needs approximately $3000. She is currently in the early stages of finding organizations that can give small amounts of money.

-Daphne can draft a proposal for the UVSS board…possibly $1000-$2000…needs an email
-Advocacy Council

Motion: UVSS Women’s Centre will put forward a motion to the board for funding for Kat’s speaker.

Motion approved

3. Red Umbrella March updates:
-Kay will book tables Mon-Wed
Ellen can table on Wed
Daphne can table on Tues
-Digital promo: email the poster around

Motion: extra $1000 to cover various costs: Sound equipment, sound teaching (Smyrna Chuttoo), bands, and other miscellaneous costs.

Motion approved

4. CFUV Women’s Radio Collective

We were supporting them at one point, but since last meeting we are unclear of their principles.

Motion: we withdraw support for the CFUV WRC

Motion approved

5. Motion: the Women’s Centre members do a fun social activity in January amounting to $200. Volunteer appreciation event.

Motion approved