Annual General Meeting NOV 4th

WC SAGM – November 4th


1. Territory acknowledgement
2. Introductions and welcome
3. Announcements
4. Review and adopt minutes from last SAGM
5. Coordinator reports
6. Workstudy reports
7. UVSS Board Rep Reports
8. Anti-racism in the UVSS Women’s Centre
9. Name-change survey
10. Gender-inclusion within policies/mission statement

Territory Acknowledgement: Ocean
Attendees: Kay, Eliza, Mila, Emily, Ocean, Lucy, Sara-Maya, Daphne, Anna

3. Updates: volunteer for RUM!

8. Anti-racism:
-More SOCC/NSU collaborations. More dialogue between coordinators.
-Is there impetus for people to participate themselves

–we can’t pin down the issue
–but nor can people who feel uncomfortable
–build bridges before we notice that they are missing
–physical distance between us and other advocacy groups creates more impetus for us to relationship build

-All spaces have race-related issues
-Some of these issues might not have solutions
-Everywhere has a race issue
-People of color have to be part of the solution even though it is hard

-Other perspectives: maybe the space is “white in a way that is mindful”

5-6. Coordinator reports: Daphne, Kay, Mila, Anna (see attached)

7. Lots of drama with board

9. Edits: see Kay’s doc
-FAQ is long – smaller margins?
-Copy editing?
Support to distro doc w/ changes and edits – APPROVED

10. Changing language in our policies to eliminate cissexism

Daphne will use her winter hours overhauling our in-centre policies
-Ask SOCC: should I attend SOCC meetings sometimes?