Women’s Centre Collective Meeting – January 18th 2016


1. Territory acknowledgement

2. Intros

3. Stolen Sisters March

      • Motion approved to spend up to $150 painting Wildfire Bakery: APPROVED
      • $500 Donation to Stolen Sisters (Given to Angela Easby): APPROVED

4. Garden update.

      • Our kale was eaten!
      • Motion for Stephanie will take over as garden coordinator: APPROVED
      • Motion to pay Stephanie $25/month: APPROVED

5. Survivors caucus

  • Motion to start a survivors caucus, using WC resources

6. Name Change Survey

  • Motion approved to begin distributing the survey immediately and collect results Feb 28th (later changed to March 15th to better coincide with the Panty Drive

7. Safer spaces-Discussion about Safer Spaces incident at the Red Umbrella Ball.

  • Motion approved for Jess to facilitate a workshop on making events comfortable and inclusive: APPROVED

8. Summer mural workshop-Update

  • Kay is meeting with WIN store to plan a big mural painting workshop this summer.
  • Feedback: we would like it to be a block party with a BBQ if possible
Storage cleaning party

9. Storage cleaning party date set for Thursday January 28th at 5 pm

10. Sewing Machine in storage

  • Motion to sell to Daphne Shaed at market value: APPROVED

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