The policy change at the UVSS AGM was voted on by more than 100 students, and was passed without any oppossition.

It has been a long process in changing the policies of the Thrid Space, formerely the Women’s Centre, here at UVic. Our collective over the years has changed, but the core values of an inclusive and intersectional feminism has remained as our truth and our song. Collective members and coordinators many years ago began this path and policy within our organization and were amended to include those who suffer under the oppressive weight of patriarchy and colonial masculinity. Then the collective desired a more suitable name for the organization, and after an almost 8 month long consultation and survey our members voted unaminously to change our name to The Third Space.

More recently, we worked with the University of Victoria Student’s Society to amend the UVSS policies that dictated our membership to us, the only remaining advocacy group in which our membership was defined for us. At the last UVSS Annual General Meeting our collective is now defined by us and for us. The name change is still in progress and although we do business as the Women’s Centre, we are the Third Space, as the name change is a long process.

Bylaw 18.2 is amended as follows:
18.2 Membership in the Women’s Centre
Women’s Centre active membership shall be comprised of
all registered undergraduate women students any person who
successfully meets the membership qualifications as
set out in the bylaws of the Women’s Centre.