Canada is facist?

Our centre receives a lot of criticism about our stance on decolonization. See picture below.

So the logic here is that people who chose to fight and die for this country and its freedom only did so for people who are nationalist sycophants! All those that do not feel the same should be shamed for not being proud of that. This sounds like the suppression of critiguing the state, sounds like nationalism, sounds like facism! Also sounds like Canadian nationalism that often is synonymous with assimilation. Those people fought and died for our freedom of expression, which includes opinions of dissent, so to the people that posted this note on our wall, it is in fact you that should be ashamed for dishonoring their forfeit of life for our freedom to recognize that this country is founded on genocide, and assimilation, and a military and police forces that are the enforcers of those limited freedoms. And let us not forget that the miltary and the police are the state enforcers and chose who to apply those beloved freedom upon. Indigenous communties are targets of the violent state appararus who tote the aspects of freedom and democracy around in one hand while carrying out the colonizing effort with the other. #fuckthe150

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