The UVSS is broke and it’s affecting your health benefits!

You probably know that food in the SUB is overpriced and not great. More importantly, the UVSS as a whole is not doing too well financially. The UVSS Management is old and archaic, and opposed to change. SFU’s student union was in a similar position as the UVSS. To ensure profitability, they shut down most of their SUB businesses due to “significant, ongoing financial losses.”

It is safe to say that a more profitable UVSS would not resort to major cuts in students health and dental benefits. A more profitable UVSS would not need a referendum where students are being asked to pay more fees. A more financially healthy Student Union Building wouldn’t just result in being able to cover the increased cost of health benefits, but more scholarships, grants, clubs funding, etc for all students.

Ask your elected student representatives why their first solution is to ask students to pay more fees instead of focusing on making the SUB more profitable in order to relieve the financial burden on students.

Despite the overpriced food, food services and Felicitas are losing a ton of money!
The UVSS Board Executives (students just like you!) are doing okay though. Despite the SUB losing a lot of money, they get to go home with over $31k annually.
Losses of over quarter of a million dollars!

In order to absolve themselves of blame, the UVSS management uses misleading rhetoric which suggests that other student unions are unprofitable. This is not true. Below is a comparison of the SUB to other student unions of similar size across the country. Most are profitable because they have profitable businesses like Tim Hortons, Starbucks, Dairy Queen, Subway, etc

UVIC, Victoria (enrolment 18389)

Not profitable

SFU, Vancouver (enrolment 22,868.6)

Not profitable.

Note: Closed the pub, coffee shop, and 2 other operations. Fired management staff.

Concordia U, Montreal QC (enrolment 21,690)

Not profitable

Note: No student union businesses

U of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon SK (enrolment 16,869)

Not profitable

Brock U, St. Catherines ON (enrolment 17,154)


U of Manitoba, Winnipeg MB (enrolment 25,611)

Profitable businesses.

Note: Pub makes over 250,000 profit.

U of Windsor, Windsor ON (enrolment 14,934)


Dalhousie U, Halifax NS (enrolment 15,554)


U of Calgary, Calgary AB (enrolment 22,813)


Note: Almost 1 million excess revenue over expenses

Queens U, Kingston ON (enrolment 18,013)


Mcmaster U, Hamilton ON (enrolment 24,473)


Carleton U, Ottawa ON (enrolment 25,530)