As a Centre we are committed to constantly re-accessing and adapting in order to better host an anti oppressive space. In order to do this we commit to consistent framework of evaluating our practices. We welcome critical feedback so that we may better practice being an intersectional feminist, queer positive, trans positive, decolonizing, anti-racist space. It is vital that the community recognize it as such and feel welcome.

Through more recent inclusion forums, the Women’s center recognizes it’s deep history of ‘radical feminisim’ as exclusionary, racist, trans exclusive, and we are committed to the process of unlearning elitist social justice mentalities and relearning through dialog in order to implement policy changes, as individuals, as a collective, and as a community.

The Centre is committed to facilitating on campus and off campus social justice organizing, workshops, and other events. Supporting marginalized individuals who have historically been excluded from such activist organizing we strive to work in a horizontal manner and work to ensure that our events are accessible to all those who wish to attend and contribute. 

We are committed to facilitating a creative, collaborative, community space through initiatives like our Thirdspace zine, growing food at the Campus Community Garden, racialized and Indigenous women’s circle, and our all genders/agender feminist library.

The Women’s Centre is governed by a feminist collective that uses a consensus based decision making model and is driven by volunteer participation. If you wish to see workshops, events, or changes at the Centre we encourage you to attend a collective meeting or contact us in any way you feel comfortable. 

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