The UVSS Women’s Centre is a feminist grass roots collective funded by UVic students. Run by a volunteer collective and open to self-identified women, gender variant and non-binary persons.
Our Vision is to create social change through political action, education and support of University of Victoria students and community members.
Collective Meetings: Collective meetings are usually held bi-weekly during the regular semester in the Women’s Centre lounge.  Email the Women’s centre at for more information.
The collective is open to all self-identified women, gender variant, and non-binary persons. No previous experience is necessary.
The Collective is based on the principals of feminism, “a movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation and oppression” (hooks, 2000). We advocate for the political, economic and social equality for self-identified women, gender variant, and non-binary persons and marginalized groups. Within our collective, we recognize the unique social location of our members. For example, historically feminist movements have overtly or inadvertently excluded the voices of some of our members including women of color and trans people. Through grassroots organizing and relationship building in broader communities we are striving to not reproduce these patterns.
The Collective stands in solidarity with other equity seeking groups. Standing in solidarity means recognizing the complex layers of each person’s particular reality and recognizing that we are not all effected the same by sites of power and inequalities.
Some of the tools we use to organize are the consensus model, anti-oppression workshops and education and a policy manual which is reviewed and revised each year by collective members. For more information, SFPIRG has a helpful brochure on consensus.
The Women’s Centre Organizational Committees are comprised of collective and associate members who uphold the spirit and intent of the Women’s Centre. Representatives from each organizational committee and Thirdspace make written or oral reports at Collective meetings and at General Meetings.
Duties of organizational committees are listed below OR shall be determined by each committee at its onset.
• Personnel: Act as liaison between Collective and staff; sit on hiring committee; coordinate staff reviews; ensure staff concerns and/or grievances are addressed. (WC staff are unionized staff through United Steel Workers of America Local 2952)
• Library: Monitor book loans; maintain inventory; coordinate book and subscription acquisitions; collect current information for resource files; ensure library is user friendly.
• Anti-discrimination: focus on and act on issues of discrimination within the Women’s centre; reflect on the exclusive reality of the history of the feminism practiced in the Women’s centre; stimulate awareness and educate around the issues of discrimination on campus through alliance building with other organizations on and off campus.
• Outreach: design and implement outreach programs which raise awareness and use of services, increase volunteers programs, network with other Women’s Centers and Social Justice groups, on and off campus, co-ordinate women’s centre publicity, assist in evaluation component of outreach programs, and raise awareness of Thirdspace.
Board Representative: The Women’s Centre also holds a Representative position on the UVSS Board of Directors. The board rep is selected at the Women’s Centre Semi-Annual General Meeting or at a Collective meeting as an Interim Representative. Their role is to:

a. Represent the interests and concerns of members of the Women’s Centre and
b. Have an understanding of and promote the rights of women, trans* people and other traditionally marginalized persons or groups in the UVSS and in society at large;
c. Attend collective meetings of the Women’s Centre; and
d. Make a report to the membership at each General Meeting.


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