Daphne Shaed

Daphne Shaed has been involved with the collective since 2012 and has been a dedicated volunteer. Daphne has been elected as a coordinator, and has served as our board representative, on the UVic Equity and Humans Rights educational reform committee, and on several other committees at UVic. Daphne has a degree in Sociology and is currently working on a double major in Computer Science and Linguistics.

Michelle Brown

Michelle Brown has been involved with the collective since 2014. Michelle is a dedicated volunteer. Some of the highlights of Michelle’s work is the Art of Resistance wall to address racism that her and Daphne Shaed launched in 2017. Michelle has proven to be a vital member of our collective.

Tessa Devakos

Tessa Devakos is simply amazing! She has been volunteering with the collective since 2014. Tessa has represented our collective and is well spoken advocate. We value Tessa’s work and thankful for her dedication to the collective.