The lounge is located in the UVSS Student Union Building (SUB) in room B107.

What is in the lounge? Great question! Besides awesome people that are there at all hours working, studying, or relaxing, we offer a variety of amenities, such as;

  • Table and Chairs
  • Couches
  • Blankets (For forts or napping)
  • Teas and coffee (to keep you alert)
  • Microwave (for nuking your food)
  • Fridge (for your lunch)
  • Toaster (for your untoasted things!)
  • Kettle
  • All sorts of dishes
  • Free internal condoms
  • Free external condoms
  • Free pregnancy tests
  • Free menstrual products
  • Library (with loads of awesome books and zines)
  • Computer workstations
  • Free printer
  • Free local phone
  • Bus tickets
  • And more!

Is the lounge accessible? We hope so. But if we missed something please let us know,

The Centre’s lounge and library are located on the main floor of the UVSS student union building in B107 and is wheelchair accessible from the main entrance of the SUB. Most of our products and kitchen items, such as the microwave and toaster, are at a standard counter height. The chairs and couches are not fixed and can be move to accommodate and mobility needs. The flooring is linoleum and there is an 8′ x 10′ low pile carpet in the centre between the two couches. There is also a small low table surface on wheels and a collapsable small table. The lighting is florescent, but can be turned off and there is a soft light lamp if florescent lights are an issue.

We hope to see you in the lounge!