UVSS Dir. of Finance ethics?

Recently our collective had a meeting with a few executives from the University of Victoria Student’s Society. In order to create a safe space for our members to share their stories we told the visiting UVSS execs that the meeting was confidential, a closed door meeting. The executives agreed and began our meeting. During the course of the meeting our members shared their thoughts and stories with the executives who sat quietly and listened. After the meeting we had our regular scheduled collective meeting.

A couple of days after the collective meeting one of our coordinators received an email from Mackenzie Cumberland, a UVSS board executive who had attended the closed door session stating that our meeting, our stories, were not confidential since the meeting took place in a public space (our women’s centre), and that since we are not a society, but a group within the student society, then we have no legal ability to enforce confidentiality.

Our collective is incredibly upset at this breach of our trust, and although there may not be a legal instrument to enforce confidentiality of our meetings, the principle still stands that Mackenzie Cumberland sat in our meeting, agreed to confidentiality, without any intention of maintaining that spoken agreement. This, in our opinion, is not only unethical, but is malicious, and tantamount to professional misconduct! Mackenzie Cumberland entered a verbal agreement with our collective to maintain confidentiality and she chose to disclose that information publicly without our consent. The UVSS board is aware of Mackenzie Cumberland’s actions and has yet to take any action on this matter. Mackenzie Cumberland reminded members of our collective that asked questions to the board at the last UVSS board meeting (June 12th, 2017), that the women’s centre collective has no right to expect confidentiality in any of our meetings! In essence, we were reminded that our rights are secondary to privilege of those in positions of power.

Summer 2017

Well, summer is fast approaching and it certainly feels hot and balmy today. The next meeting is on May 24th, at 4:30pm, and we will be discussing our summer meeting schedule and fall workshops.

Qian has finished her workstudy. Qian delivered our donation to the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre. We are very happy that we were able to provide such a donation thanks to the hard work of Qian.


Our baby bunnies have left the den weeks ago, however, we still have one that is seen often outside in the bushes and it appears happy and healthy.


We will be getting a usb hub that will allow all our computers to print. We are also discussing getting a new printer that can do duplexing(double sided) as many students have been asking to print double sided.

Tessa is away for the summer, but Daphne, Michelle, and others will be maintaining the centre. If you have any requests for bus tickets or other necessities please let us know at thirdspace@uvic.ca.


Third Space

Beware of fake social media

For a little over a year now an unelected person(s) have been operating social media accounts as UVIC Women’s Centre. Beware that these accounts are operated by person(s) who are;

  • Not elected to speak on behalf of our centre,
  • are racist, anti-sex work, and transaggressive,
  • seek to incite violence and harm upon our centre and its members,
  • they are not students,
  • and they are ignorant to the how the UVSS functions.

The claims they make are outrageous and obviously misinformed. So let us do a little myth busting here.

Firstly, our centre is run by students who together form a collective of people. The collective uses a consensus based decision making model to operate, including election of volunteer unpaid coordinators.

Secondly, the Third Space has no bank accounts or access to funds directly. Every single financial transaction has to be approved by the collective, attached to funding request forms with receipts, signed by two signing authorities, and submitted to the accounting department whereby it is scrutinized by the accountants, signed by three executives, and then given to the collective.

Third, the recent UVSS Annual General Meeting voted in favour, with zero against, for changing the UVSS policies on how our space defines its membership. During the motion there was opportunity for people to speak about the motion, every single speaker spoke in favour, and not one person presented an argument against the motion for our centre to define our own membership. The UVSS AGM has a minimum quorum of over 100 students.

Fourth, our unpaid coordinators are elected. The implication that someone can take over the centre is an absolute fabrication that is intended to incite violence and harm.

Lastly, the changes in our membership, and the name change have been the hard work of many of our members that has occurred over the last few years. No one member is responsible for these changes, it is a collective process, and a collective decision. We stand by all our members! Please come and see us if you have any questions.

Rally to support Women’s March

The Third Space is re-posting this in spirit and solidarity with what is expanding into a global movement on the January 21st as women and various genders march on Washington on the day after the inauguration of Donald Trump.

DATE: Saturday, January 21st, 2017

PLACE: Centennial Square, 645 Fisgard Street, on the unceeded lands of the Lekwungen speaking peoples.

Details from the Facebook event page(EVENT LINK):
“For those of you who can’t travel to DC for this important march, please join us in Victoria while we support our neighbours to the south.

The Women’s March on Washington will send a bold message to their new administration on their first day in office, and to the world that women’s rights are human rights. We invite people of all genders, backgrounds, and cultures to stand up for women, indigenous people, queers, and marginalized minorities everywhere.

The Rally will be followed by a march.”

If you need more information, require assistance (such as bus tickets), or would like to participate with the Third Space please email us at thirdspace@uvic.ca.

IMAGE: Illustration titled “Hear Our Voice” by Liza Donovan, created for the Women’s March on Washington. Read more about march art here.


Welcome Back!

The UVSS Third Space is a place for all self-identified women, non-binary, and gender fluid persons to find comfort and safety.

WELCOME BACK! We hope you had a good break.

What is new in 2017?

COMPUTERS: We will have our new computer stations installed in the Third Space library next week. The new systems will can be upgraded in the future and we hope will service the demand for computers in the space for many years to come. The two new machines are running Windows 10, one machine with a 24 inch screen, and the second machine with a 32 inch desktop to assist those with visual needs. The Apple desktop will also still be in service for Mac users. So, the library will have 3 functioning computers and the printer as well.

DOOR LOCKS: Hopefully the key lock boxes will be installed soon and we can provide some additional access and hours to the centre. Key lock boxes are a keypad entry system that will allow us to provide access on request without having to provide keys. This keeps our space secure and provides us with an improved way of providing access during weekends and other school closure periods. If you have further questions please email us at thirdspace@uvic.ca.

COFFEE MAKER AND KETTLE: We have a new kettle which is amazing. Also, we have a new coffee maker. Daphne will be picking up a filter and coffee this week so the coffee maker should be in service next week.

SAFER SEX SUPPLIES AND MENSTRUAL PRODUCTS: We have a new shipment of external condoms in and they are out in the hallway. We have pregnancy tests available on request. We have loads of menstrual pads and also tampons. We hope to be getting some internal condoms soon. If you have any requests please let us know.

New Meeting Schedule is below:

  • January 19th, 2017 (Thursday) at 4:30PM.
  • February 1st, 2017 (Wednesday) at 4:30PM.
  • February 16th, 2017 (Thursday) at 4:30PM.
  • March 1st, 2017 (Wednesday) at 4:30PM.
  • March 16th, 2017 (Thursday) at 4:30PM.
  • March 29th, 2017 (Wednesday) at 4:30PM.
  • April 13th, 2017 (Thursday) at 4:30PM.
  • April 26th, 2017 (Wednesday) at 4:30PM.
  • May 11th, 2017 (Thursday) at 4:30PM.
  • May 24th, 2017 (Wednesday) at 4:30PM

Hope to see you there!


The Third Space


Well, it has been a long process in changing the policies of the Thrid Space, formerely the Women’s Centre, here at UVic. Our collective over the years has changed, but the core values of an inclusive and intersectional feminism has remained as our truth and our song. Collective members and coordinators many years ago began this path and policy within our organization and were amended to include those who suffer under the oppressive weight of patriarchy and colonial masculinity. Then the collective desired a more suitable name for the organization, and after an almost 8 month long consultation and survey our members voted unaminously to change our name to The Third Space.

More recently, we worked with the University of Victoria Student’s Society to amend the UVSS policies that dictated our membership to us, the only remaining advocacy group in which our membership was defined for us. At the last UVSS Annual General Meeting our collective is now defined by us and for us. The name change is still in progress and although we do business as the Women’s Centre, we are the Third Space, as the name change is a long process.

Bylaw 18.2 is amended as follows:
18.2 Membership in the Women’s Centre
Women’s Centre active membership shall be comprised of
all registered undergraduate women students any person who
successfully meets the membership qualifications as
set out in the bylaws of the Women’s Centre.

October 28th, 2016 Updates

Updates from the last meeting:
*The Third Space will be having a pancake breakfast event to help raise money for some assistive technologies that will benefit members. This includes a virtual reality desktop.
*Also, our e-hire will continue to be a volunteer after her e-hire has concluded, until hiring has concluded.
*Third Space will be supporting the National Day of Rememberance and Action on Violence Against Women.
*A new coffee maker and kettle will be purchased.
*Hiring committee is moving forward with sudent positions and should be posting soon.
*The donated computers will be accessed and if functional will be added to the library.
*Lock boxes will be added to the front door and the office door. Members who need access after hours will be given access at the discretion of the collective.

If there is anything I missed please let me know. Hope you are all having a great weekend.

Updates October, 2016

Hello Collective,

We hope all your midterms have been a success. There is a collective meeting this Friday, October 28th, 2016 at 12:00pm(noon) in the Third Space lounge in the SUB(Student Union Building). New members are encouraged to attend.

We have a new listserv and will no longer be using the other service. The sign-up sheet for the listserv is in the Third Space lounge next to the chalkboard. We will be publishing the first monthly newsletter soon. Stay tuned.

There is also a facebook group as well. Indicate in the email signup if you wish to be added to the facebook group as well.


The Collective.

Collective Meeting 10/14/2016

Hello Collective,

Today’s meeting was good. We made some decisions about our fundraising for Red Umbrella this year. We also decided to switch over to our new listserve. If you wish to sign up for our new listserve please come by the Third Space and sign up on the sign up sheet next to the chalkboard.

Further, workstudy positions will be available this next week and so if you are eligible for workstudy the link is here:

Hope everyone is staying safe and dry in this weather. The next meeting will be on Wednesday, October 19th, 2016 at 5:00pm in the Third Space in the SUB.


The Collective


Image: http://www.movetovictoria.com/static/images/listings/hd//2052_lf0e711c1_20-student-union-building.jpg