Thirdspace Front Cover 2015

In this issue the Thirdspace collective chose a theme of diversification within the university environment. The reason for this theme developed out of conversations that have been taking place on campus, especially within advocacy work, that continually is shaped around the features of the academic pedagogy. The education that one reeives is tempered in the waters of patriarchy and colonialism and is contaminated with the discourses of heterosexual-normativity, androcentricity, Eurocentricity, scientific racism, biological essentialism, whiteness, capitalism, Islam-aggression, mental and physical stigmatization and more. We wanted to address that the materials of classroom do not reflect the reality of the students. We all have different narratives and yet we are taught a monolithic narrative that erupts out of a single point on the globe. We further wanted to recognize that we do not need to all be the same to attain solidarity in the advocacy organizing that we do. We can be unified without uniformity. The university can reflect diversity in its pedagogy, not just in specialized departments or programs, but throughout.

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Thirdspace 2015 UNIDIVERSITY

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