thirdspace was born in 1982 as the emily. Eventually, the emily collective acquired Ain’t I a Woman?, a publication originally produced by the Women’s Studies department that dealt with issues of gender, race and (de)colonization. In 1999, the collective combined the two papers under a new masthead, The Womyn’s Publication Newtwerk, which also became the name of the new collective. We came to understand that having a “regular” paper (the emily) to deal with feminism and an “other” paper (Ain’t I a Woman?) to deal with gender and race ran counter to our mandate of inclusion for all. It had also been pointed out that the Emilys after whom we had named ourselves were all white Europeans, and we agreed that this too was not inclusive. Finally, having the paper titled The Womyn’s Publication Netwerk and subtitled something different each issue just became too confusing. A new millennium (or year) thus brought a new title. Long live thirdspace!

Our hope is that both the name and the content will reflect in one body what the emily and Ain’t I a Woman? attempted to do in two. We hope that this paper will be a place for residents of third space – for those who live wholly or partially on the margins – and that this paper will provide a forum and an opportunity to reclaim those margins.

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