Please find all information regarding our 2017 Thirdspace Zine here.

To get involved with the Thirdspace Zine committee and volunteer please contact Daphne Shaed: thirdspace.zine@gmail.com.

We would like to welcome Daphne Shaed as our workstudy zine editor for 2017. Daphne has been a member for many years and has contributed to the Zine and the Third Space a great deal. Daphne was also a previous Thirdspace Zine editor for 2015.

A message from Daphne:
“I am honored to be the Thirdspace Zine editor and I am excited to produce an amazing zine with the many contributions of our community. Together we find strength and solidarity and our creative endeavors seek to wake the minds and hearts of those who fail to recognize the systems of power and structural oppression.”

Updates on the zine will be given at the January 19th collective meeting. See schedule here.